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Welcome to my personal blog. It's been approximately 8 years since I took down version 3 of my blog efforts. It's wonderful to be back again. Maana is my vessel to share with my readers that which inspires me, piques my curiosity or stirs my imagination in this ever-changing world. Here I pen my thoughts and make meaning in my own way.  Maana - a swahili word for meaning. Maana yake - it's meaning is... 

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Fraud alert.

Instagram account rehema._isa is a fraudulent account not associated with me. Please report and block 🙏

Dear October 2022

He walked right up to me encroaching on my personal space. He told me to keep calm, pay attention to what he was saying and not to panic.

Pact of War

When the lockdowns started two years ago in South Africa we entered into what seemed to be a social compact for safety. Safety – a state...

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