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I am still learning the significance of anchoring myself in doing what I love. In a world full of distractions, competing priorities and agendas it is a gift of self love. By understanding and embracing what drives you and ensuring that you do more of that, you bolster your reserves and will to do. This philosophy carries me through the mundane stuff I have to do and really don't want to do.

Sometimes I forget to replenish the reserves doing more "have to" and can do than "love to" and "willingfully do". Adulting is a life phase of wicked dilemmas and paradoxical complexities.

I love stories. I spend a significant amount of time listening to stories. Stories find me and each story I hear, II make sure I pass it on. Working with others to find unlock their stories is often a transformative experience. By listening with empathy and compassion, you uncover unique narratives and perspectives. Sharing stories fosters understanding, empathy, and connection, creating a sense of shared humanity and belonging.

The soul of human interaction and connection is woven through the artefacts of story we choose to inherit, believe, perceive and create.

I am looking forward to telling stories that illuminate and chart pathways for powerful legacies. Here's to curating my 8th TEDx event this year. TEDxLytteltonWomen - 01 November 2024, titled Hatima - Kiswahili for Destiny.

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