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I am inspired by the process of creation. The ability to envision and make possible the alternative to "this" whatever this may be. For me, it begins with words. The use of language that gives and creates meaning for elusive imaginations. Beautifully crafted words are pure alchemy, an elixir and soothing tonic for a curious mind.

Given the option I would sooner pick a day on the floor curled up with a book to any other form of engagement! Unfortunately this escape is a pipe dream and human interaction I am told is healthy and essential for social skills. Personally I think it provides research data on how people interact with words in real life.

I love reading. I love books. I love stories. The crackle of pages of a new publication, the aromatic scent of aged paper, the hallowed silent halls of libraries, sensory stimuli awakened by words coerced into sentences, teased into long paragraphs captured in treasured tomes waiting to be discovered, devoured, shared.

It is no wonder that I am a fervent supporter of the literary world and of authors. Esteemed architects of alternative universes and new "this is it - ities". What words have captured your imagination recently? What are you reading today? What are some of your best reads?

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